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Experience the joy and satisfaction of creating your own unique handicrafts using needlework, crochet and knitting.

Learn new skills, or practice what you know.  Basic and advanced needlework techniques can be covered depending on what you are interested in.  Including hand embroidery, "crewelwork" (a type of embroidery using wool), cross-stitch, crochet, knotting and tatting, (lace-making) smocking, candlewicking and machine sewing as well as many more.


Students are encouraged to bring in their own project or an idea of something they would like to try.  You will be taught how to start and the techniques needed to see the project through to completion.


For example, learn to read a pattern, personalise your linen, make handmade gifts, customise clothing or take on a big project, like creating an heirloom christening gown.  Or perhaps you would like to finish some of the needlework projects you have already started.  Finishing a project is an art in itself!

Beginners and people with proficient skills are encouraged to join our friendly, supportive class.  Bring along your own equipment and materials. 

Classes are led by Jenny Jones who has been teaching needlework and handicrafts for over 12 years, finessing skills handed down to her from her mother.  She is a skilled bobbin lace maker and accomplished seamstress who is an exceptional teacher with an abundance of patience.

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