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We offer an opportunity for children aged 5 - 12 years old to playfully explore many art techniques and materials.

We are a registered NSW Creative Kids Provider.

Children are taught drawing, sketching, painting, watercolour, brushwork, colour mixing, collage, craft, pottery and weaving.

Materials explored include paper, boards and canvasses, acrylic and water colour paint, a great variety of brushes, pencils, crayons and oil pastels.  Clay and pottery is a favourite part of the course and all pieces are painted when finished.

Apart from the pleasure of the "Hands-on" nature of this class, children enjoy expressing themselves in an imaginative and vibrant way.

Our Tutors

Joan Poche has been a tutor at the Centre since 2008.  Joan has taught art to children since 2006, encouraging their technical and creative skills.  Joan is also an accomplished glass artist, working from her own studio and kiln, and renown for her leadlighting.

Brooke Taylor  studied art at Curtin University and has a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts. She also has a Certificate 3 in child care. 

Theresa Jansen-Grzadka studied at the University of Manitoba, Canada and holds a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts (Honours) majoring in Graphic Design.

Shelley Yang graduated from UNSW College of Fine Arts with a Bachelor of Design degree. She has worked in Australian fashion companies for more than 10 years involving in fashion design, textile design and graphic design. She is also a mother of two and runs art playgroups at home for toddlers. She loves sharing her heart for art and her passion for unique creativity.  She believes that children need consistent time and space each week to explore, play and create art. Children will receive the tools and guidance required to ignite their creative thinking, develop art and design skills and most of all, have fun!

Children will learn to create artworks using acrylic paint, pencil, pastel, charcoal, clay and paper. Children will develop problem solving skills, critical thinking and learn to see in a new way.
We are always happy to have 'helpers' in our children's classes. This would be ideal for retired people who could assist with the children, handing out paints, paper etc. once a week or once a month, whatever time you could afford us. A Working With Children Check is essential (free of charge). Patience and a love of children is essential.

Please note we do not have 'trial classes'.


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