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Be amazed with the talented Maree Zavarise who is passionate about Stained Glass/Leadlight and Mosaics.


Maree finds joy in both art forms but is especially fond of working with glass since the 1980's.  Glass has challenged her to create original art for herself as well as for clients, students and exhibitions.


Maree's goal is to encourage and promote this art form, by making her knowledge and creativity available to all and to nurture creativity in everyone that she can influence.

Her current phase is abstract floral designs, as well as Australian fauna and flora. Maree never knows which way she will go until she gets inspired by an individual sheet of glass or tile – which is an artform in itself and which inspires many ideas.

Even though Maree uses traditional lead and copper foil mediums, she also dabbles in other techniques such as acid etching and recycling wrought iron implements in her glass creations.



As a tutor, Maree attempts to offer an understanding in the use of glass as a medium to reflect the 21st century as well as the past. As an artist, she desires new opportunities to expand her imagination to make beauty with her art.

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