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An introduction to making jewellery in porcelain and stoneware clay

You will learn in this course:

  • create jewellery, buttons and other small items from stoneware and porcelain clay

  • use moulds, tools, stamps, templates and natural items to create shapes and textures in clay

  • an introduction to porcelain and stoneware

  • an introduction to glazing and oxides

  • an introduction to making jewellery with clay pieces and basic jewellery findings

This is an 10 week course, 3 hours classes. There is an addition fee $30 to cover materials

Each week you will learn:

  • week 1 - introduction and examples of jewellery to make in class. Demonstrations of simple beads and textures. Reminder to bring on items for mould making for week 2

  • week 2 - make one piece mould out of Pinkisyl putty. Make a two piece mould out of clay to be bisque fired

  • week 3 - use 2 piece moulds and continue using other tools

  • week 4 - demonstrations of mixing and marbling

  • week 5 - demonstrations of glazing and oxides. First stoneware firing

  • week 6 - continue making and glazing

  • week 7 - demonstrations of glueing metal fittings to fired clay

  • week 8 - continue glazing, finialise any work that needs to be bisque fired. Finial bisque fire

  • week 9- finialise all pieces for stoneware firing. Finial stoneware firing

  • week 10 - finialise pieces, glue and thread beads on leather

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