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Become captivated by the wonderful world of texture, light and colour that mosaics offers.

Even if you don't think you have an artistic bone in your body, discover your creative side through the art of mosaics.

Your creative journey will explore colour and composition as you are walked through a variety of mosaic techniques.  Experiment with different mediums, tools, adhesives and grouting techniques.  Learn how to prepare the substrate and the sculptural fabrication process.


Rhonda’s classes are instructive, creative and relaxed. She runs two types of beginner mosaic classes learning the utility of tiles and then the beauty of glass.   Rhonda has been mosaicking for over eight years and commenced teaching at the centre in 2019.  She has mosaiced a variety of works including tabletop, famous face series, flying bird series and garden objects. Rhonda is inspired by others and seeks to inspire you!


Enjoy the creative and relaxed nature of classes. Experiment in a friendly environment with different project ideas, mediums, tools, grouting, and techniques. Tap into your creative streak to discover how time flies when you are having fun!

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